3 Electrical Wiring Organizational Tips You Need to Know

Practically all homes today, no matter how small it may be, have at least a television, some satellite receivers, computers, surround-sound systems and gaming consoles. And with all this come its accompanying wires and cables which usually end up in a tangled mess near power sockets.

Not only difficult is the mess difficult to untangle if you plan to upgrade your setup, but the pressure, damage and pulling the wires go through leads to poor signal quality and possible damage.

Besides, messy wires on the floor always make your otherwise tidy house look messy. So here are some tips to help organize your home’s electrical wiring and avoid all this inconvenience.

  1. The electrical panel may need upgrading

The first thing you have to do, with the help of someone else, is to check and identify which breakers control which rooms, major appliances, etc. This is done by having one of you turning off one breaker at a time while the other notes where the power is cut and accordingly labels the circuit.

electrical repairs

This is when you can find out if the electrical panel can handle your home’s electrical needs. This is required because the houses built years ago weren’t built with the electrical wiring to accommodate today’s many electrical gadgets and appliances. If you find your panel is too small to accommodate your home’s electrical needs, it’s time to upgrade the panel and its fuse and electrical wiring.

  1. Minimize and organize wires

You do know that there’s no point in untangling cords and wires because it isn’t a long-term fix. No matter what you do, the wires generally end up tangled once again pretty soon. The best thing to do is to unplug and reconnect all your electrical appliances, and while doing so, keep a tab on the lengths of the different wires.

The unnecessarily long wires can be either replaced with shorter ones or wound into neat coils. Of course, do keep a note of where you plan to place your appliances and ensure the wires will reach them before doing this.

And if you are replacing wires, it is worth upgrading to better quality wiring too. For example, you could use thin, flexible and flat speaker wires because they are unobtrusive when hung on walls. You can also consider using low-profile interconnects if you are worried about your home’s looks.

Of course, before buying new wires, it’s also worth considering if you should upgrade your components to wireless versions. You could perhaps look for wireless gaming systems and smart TVs that use fewer wires and cords, and making electrical wiring organization so much easier.

  1. Dedicated charging station

It’s worth creating a centralized charging station if you have many phones, tablets, and laptops at home that require constant charging. You could even hire a licensed electrician to install the charging station in less conspicuous places so that it doesn’t end up an eyesore. The charging station could be set up in a drawer or in the entry hall or anywhere you feel is best.

With these 3 electrical wiring organizational tips implemented, your home will definitely look more organized and less messy!