5 Possible Problems with Your Air Conditioning System

The air conditioner has become a necessity in most modern homes today. If you have an air conditioning system running in your house, then chances are it will break down from time to time. The breakdown could be occasioned by various problems within the unit.

Among these problems, we shall discuss the 5 most common ones so you can learn more about their causes. Remember, any problem, no matter how apparently easy it looks, should always be left to professionals.

Five problems that Your Air Conditioning System can Face

  1. The Air Conditioner doesn’t Work

This is a common issue faced by almost all the air con systems. There are a few reasons that can cause your air conditioning system not to work.

When the thermostat batteries go dead, the air conditioner goes off. Another reason behind this problem is the circuit breaker. If it is not in ‘on’ position, the AC simply won’t work. There could be some more reasons for this problem. As such, it’ll be better if you seek expert help in this situation.

  1. The Air Conditioning system doesn’t Provide Cool Air

Just like the previous problem, this problem also happens due to various reasons. An old air filter is one of the reasons. If you haven’t changed the air filter in the past few months, perhaps it’s time to change it now.

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The problem also occurs because of the wrong setting of the thermostat. If the air doesn’t become cool with the thermostat in the right setting, you may need to change the thermostat. This problem could also be attributed to any leak in the refrigerator or blocks in the way of airflow.

  1. It Makes Odd Noise

When an air conditioner runs, it makes very low noise. If the noise doesn’t seem familiar to you, you have to understand that there is some problem.

Some internal problems can cause noise. For example- a problem in motor bearing or belt could lead the A/C to give an odd sound. Sounds like banging, clanging as well as rattling or thumping indicates that there is a problem with the motor or blower assembly. Whenever you notice an unusual sound from A/C, call an air conditioning repair expert for help.

  1. Water Leaks from the Air Conditioner

When your air conditioner is in good condition, there is no chance of water coming out of it. So, whenever you notice that water is dropping out from your air con, you have to understand that there is any internal leakage.

Don’t be tensed in this situation. Turn off the power of the air conditioner and call an air conditioning repair expert for immediate intervention. If you continue running the air condition with an internal leakage, there is a chance of internal damage.

  1. Fans don’t Work Properly

Fans are useful because they prevent the compressor from being heated up. If the fans stop working, the compressor will be hot and stop working.

If fans don’t run, this could be due to different reasons. The first reason is the fault for installing them. If they are not installed properly, they won’t work as required. Sometimes, dust and debris block the way and don’t let the fan work properly. Remember, using the air conditioner with a faulty fan will damage the compressor unit.


You need to check your air conditioning system regularly if you don’t want to face any of the problems above. Remember, you stand higher chances of getting the problem fixed if you call an air conditioning repair expert for all your repair needs.