Ideal Spots to Place Your Air Conditioner

One of the most basic things to consider after deciding to have air conditioning in your house is where to place the air conditioning unit. If you live in a condominium unit, that decision is most likely already made for you by your developer. But if you have a free hand in the construction of your home, you may want to evaluate the layout of the area where you will install your air conditioning unit in order for it to operate efficiently. While your initial instinct is to hide your aircon in the most discreet location, this might not be the most optimal for long-term usage.

There are two main factors in terms of positioning your air conditioner before starting the often tedious aircon installation process:

Proximity to heat sources – this applies to both outdoor and indoor units of your air conditioner. Remember that your air conditioning unit sucks or takes in air from its surroundings through its vent. This air is subsequently cooled inside the system before the ducts release it back inside your house. Hence, the hotter the surrounding area of your unit is the more effort and work that will be exerted by your air conditioner. This will soon be detrimental to prolonging the lifespan of your air conditioner, especially if there are other areas in your home that would be a better alternative spot. Having a shade to your outdoor unit is also advisable to minimize direct sunlight; just remember to situate it at a distance that will still provide adequate ventilation. Having plants or trees (in the case of your outdoor unit) can also contribute to cooling the air surrounding your air conditioning unit. Just like the shade, situate plants and trees at a distance that there will be no plant blades or other potential debris that can enter the condenser. Apart from avoiding areas with direct sunlight, situate your air conditioning unit away from other heat sources such as the refrigerator or the microwave.

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Airflow and temperature distribution – think about the needs of your room and its occupants – which area of the room will the air be directed first and would that be comfortable enough of a setup. There should also be no immediate obstructions that can potentially block the airflow coming out of the air conditioning unit. Plus, your aircon would also cool the most immediate area first before the rest of the room. Therefore, think about which area needs the most cooling first and if cooling that area first will match to the purpose of your room. Given this, it is also ideal to direct your air conditioning unit towards the largest area of the room and not towards narrow areas like corridors or entryways. Usually, air conditioning units are situated at a considerable height in order to have unobstructed air flow.

These are just two main things to consider before installing your aircon. You can also ask for the opinion of your supplier before installation so as to maximize its benefits and prevent you from spending more than necessary for aircon service and repair.