Signs That Your AC Needs Repair

Having a functioning air conditioner is critical in many homes. Some cities are unbearable without AC systems. Having a malfunctioning AC unit even for a single day is hard, more so in the summer months. Therefore, as the homeowner, you have to ensure that your air conditioning unit is always fully functional. You can keep your AC unit working throughout the year by seeking professional air conditioner service whenever your AC system is malfunctioning. But how do you know your unit is malfunctioning? The following are signs that you need to call in air conditioner technician.

Funny noises

The sound of an AC unit has become part of background noise in some homes. Few people never notice it anymore. However, when that sound changes, for example, it becomes too loud, it is a sign that you need to call your air conditioning service provider. A squealing sound indicates a problem with the belt, and you need to have it checked. A rattling noise, on the other hand, means that some part(s) is loose, and it is critical to call a professional AC repair service.

Odd odors

Air conditioning units should never smell funny. When there is an abnormal smell coming from your AC unit, it could mean bad news, both medically and financially. Odd odors might mean that the overflow drain has issues with mildew or bacteria. In some old homes, it is necessary to have the ductwork cleaned to remove odors related to age or smoking.

Warm or stale air

Air conditioning units are supposed to blow cool air throughout the home. When this doesn’t happen, it is an indication of frozen evaporator coil. Some house owners can thaw their units out and return to cool air, but when it happens often, you need to contact professional air conditioner service providers to inspect your system. The expert will know where to check and offer the necessary repairs or replacement. The best part about hiring AC experts is that they never do trial and error and will only leave your home when you have a solution i.e., when your unit is working.

Vacillating temperatures

If there are radical changes in the temperature of the air being pushed out by the air handler, the thermostat may need calibration. In such cases, only an experienced AC expert can make such adjustments. The age of the AC unit, and the condition of the connections, will determine if a replacement is necessary to regulate the air temperature accurately.

Not working

When your air conditioning unit fails to start, this an obvious sign that something is wrong. You can start by checking if the fuse box is okay, and if everything seems right, then you need to contact air conditioning service experts to examine your system. The experts will check your AC unit and will advise on the next cause of action. Sometimes it will take some simple repairs to get your AC running again. However, sometimes the experts may advise you to buy a new AC unit. This happens when the cost of repair does not make economic sense compared to the cost of a new installation. If a new installation is imminent, be sure to take advantage of new AC technologies. You can ask your AC expert to recommend and advise you on the best units in the market.