Simple Electrical Repair Projects

Arguably, electricity is the most important the world has ever witnessed. Today, nearly every household equipment, industrial and office machines are powered by electricity. In fact, no one can imagine how the world would look like without electrical energy. Kitchenware, mobile phones, laptops, televisions as well as other essential electrical gadgets depend on electricity as the primary source of power.

Bearing in mind that you now have endless devices in your home that use electricity, there will always be incidences of electrical repair projects. While most electrical experts agree that significant electrical repair projects should only be handled by the most qualified, there are some relatively easier DIY electrical repairs that you can manage on your own. Even if you lack the necessary electrical knowledge, you can just Google-search DIY electrical repairs and tutorials to help you either install or even repair just any type of electrical equipment. However, if you are in doubt, it is highly advisable that you seek the help of a highly well-trained and experienced electrician to conduct the work.

It is a common knowledge that electrical faults always pose a great danger to human life, and this implies that efforts must always be made to repair and contain them as soon as possible. Possibly, there are many ways through which electricity can cause danger, including faulty switches, live electrical wires, cracked electrical outlets among others. So today in this particular post, we want to discuss how cracked electrical switches can potentially put your life in danger. Read on and enhance your understanding.

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Electrical switches usually guarantee such a fairly more convenient use, implying that homeowners are likely to forget that they house electrical energy which is only protected by a rigid plastic casing found in the inner section of the switch receptacle. After some time, this rigid plastic will potentially start to crack, a phenomenon that can cause real possible danger.

Loose switches: Regardless of the cause, loose electrical outlets that don’t firmly hold the prongs on your cord plugs are usually dangerous to handle. Electrical switches typically become loose when the electrical gripping contacts inside the switches lose their tension and are unable to hold the plug prongs accordingly. As a result, the plug partly protrudes outward and becomes extremely dangerous because all the energized metal prongs become exposed.

Damaged cover plates: If you were not aware, the cover plate in an electrical switch is a crucial safety device. Perhaps this is because it houses critical parts, including the terminals. Experts warn that coming into contact with the terminals can result in a powerful shock. Equally, it is imperative to note that electrical outlet cover plate also stabilizes a switch. So, if a cover gets damaged or cracks, all the inside cables become exposed thus causing lots of potential electrical dangers.

A damaged outlet casing: Although it is not visible from the front, the outlet body is equally an essential part of a switch. If it cracks due to one reason or another, its internal contacts, as well as the wiring, may become exposed, a scenario that can potentially result in a short circuit. On the other hand, if the box is made of a metal, the exposed charged cable can cause your circuit breaker to trip. It should be noted that all loose electrical cables present a serious risk of fire.

Is it time to replace your damaged and malfunctioning power outlets?

As you may have seen, it would be a wise move to replace all your damaged and cracked electrical outlets. There is no doubt that such switches are serious fire risks, and puts your life as well as your property in great danger. Even though installing or wiring an outlet is a reasonably easy task that you can handle, it is highly advisable that you seek the help of a highly trained, insured and experienced electrical expert. A significant number of homeowners are capable of replacing ceiling fans, light switches as well as other standard wiring projects. However, experts warn that DIY electrical repair projects are not safe.

According to a report by Electrical Safety Foundation International, Do-It-Yourself electrical projects usually result in more than 50,000 cases of fire, causing at least five hundred fatalities and more than fifteen hundred injury cases. Simply put, all electrical repair jobs, whether small or big, should only be carried out by the most qualified.